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The Scouters Religious Academy is an adult training conference for Boy Scout & Girl Scout leaders of all faiths interested in building Faith into their Scout program.  With 8 courses to choose from over 4 periods, plus a choice of a bonus session, you have plenty of options to choose from.   

The 2020 Academy will be a virtual conference due to the Covid-19 virus and has been moved from April 18th to May 16th.  Pre-registration is required for planning and communication purposes.   All registrants will be mailed a zoom link and directions to access the virtual conference a few days before the Academy.   


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Select up to 5 courses from the list of 17 below, plus lunch.  Select only 1 course during each period.  Please be aware that COR Training is 3 periods long - periods 4, 5 & 6; so don't select anything else in periods 5 & 6 if you select COR Training.  Period 3 is a lunch period, allowing 5 other periods in which to take a class.   


(Period 1) Building Duty-to-God into your Scout Program

Walk away with 10+ ideas on how to incorporate a Scout's Duty to God into your unit's program.  Whether it is observing Scout Sunday, conducting Scouts Own Services, appointing a Chaplain or providing the God & Country (PRAY) program, there are lots of things you can do to exercise DTG in your unit.

(Period 1) Chaplain Training

It is recommended that all troops and crews have an adult Chaplain to provide spiritual support in their unit.  This class will touch on identifying good candidates for this position, but spend most of the time on the roles/ responsibilities of a Chaplain.

(1) Methodist Scout Awards

How do you compensate and motivate a volunteer when you don't have cash?   Come learn about the various Scout awards in the Methodist Church including awards for youth, adults, units and churches.

(5) Catholic Religious Emblem Programs

Learn about the various age-based emblems and programs available to youth in various Scouting programs.  This includes: Light of Christ, Parvuli Dei, Ad Altare Dei and Pope Pius XII, as well as God is Love, Family of God, I Live My Faith, Mary the First Disciple and The Spirit Alive.

(2) Fireside Chat (Methodist): Steven Scheid (National Director of the Center for Scouting Ministry of the UMC)

Sit with Steven Scheid, the National Director of the Center for Scouting Ministry of the United Methodist Church.  Hear what is happening with Scouting in the Methodist Church around the country and ask questions about anything related to Scouting, the Methodist Church or the General Commission of United Methodist Men (GCUMM).

(2) Girl Scouts: My Promise, My Faith

Learn how girls of all grade levels can earn their My Promise, My Faith pin & strengthen the faith. We will examine the requirements of this pin and share ideas on how to earn this recognition as an individual or by hosting an event at your church, in you troop or on a campout. 

(2) Scout's Own Services

Learn how to organize a Scouts Own service (outdoor church service) for your pack or troop's campouts for Christian and Interfaith services.  You will walk away with templates and ideas on how to engage your Chaplain and/or Chaplain's Aide in this activity.

(2) Unit Religious Emblem Coordinator (REC)

Learn how to be a Religious Emblem Coordinator for your pack, troop or crew.  This includes responsibilities of the position, where to find religious emblem programs for various faiths of scouts in your unit and how to promote them in your unit.

(3) Lunch

Be sure to plan for lunch during Period 4, whether you bring it yourself or pre-order Chick-Fil-A on this site. 

(4-6) COR Training

Understand the roles & responsibilities of a COR (Charter Organization Rep) and how the "Scout Coordinator" of a church's Scout program can help make it a ministry of the church.  This 3 hr course is for new and experienced CORs alike and should be taken at least once by every COR.  

(4) Fireside Chat (Catholic):  Jim Weiskircher (National Chair for the National Catholic Committee on Scouting)

Sit with Jim Weiskricher, the National Chair for the National Catholic Committee on Scouting.  Hear what is happening with Scouting in the Catholic Church around the country and ask questions about anything related to Scouting or the Catholic Church.

(4) P.R.A.Y. 1 - Organizing & Promoting a P.R.A.Y. Program

Learn how to organize and promote the P.R.A.Y. (God & Country) program at your church on a regular basis.  This includes all levels (Me, Family, Church & Life).  This is a great Christian education program to offer Scouts and youth in your community. 

(4) Scout Sunday Observances

Hear a lot of ideas about how to observe Scout Sunday in your church and increase the recognition of Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts, their leaders, and church members who were scouts as youth.

(5) Beyond YPT, SS & SE: Predators, Pedophiles, Trafficking, Cyber Bullying, The Dark Web

Go beyond basic YPT and Safe Sanctuary/ Safe Environment training. Learn about adverse childhood experiences and their long-term effects, predators, pedophiles, sexual trafficking, cyber bullying, the dark web and the exploitation of children. Learn tools to identify threats and how to help victims. 

(5) Catholic Adult & Unit Awards

Catholic units  and churches are eligible for both National and Archdiocesan recognition for their youth programs. In addition, Adult Scout leaders (laity and clergy) are able to be recognized for their service to the spiritual development of Catholic youths through Scouting.  The Rosary Patch Program is also covered.

(5) P.R.A.Y 2 - Leading a P.R.A.Y. Course

Protestant Religious Emblem counselors will learn how to run a P.R.A.Y. course at all levels (Me, Family, Church & Life).  Learn about free resources, different course models (day-long, weekly, monthly, campout), how to include clergy and more.

(6) Catholic Religious Emblem Counselors

Learn the basic information for Catholic Scouters to facilitate and lead the different age-based emblem programs, including various class formats and timelines.   Course covers Light of Christ, Parvuli Dei, Ad Altare Dei and Pope Pius XII.

(6) P.R.A.Y. 3 - Jesus & Me/ RP3 Patch Program

Learn how to teach this course which introduces Jesus as the Son of God in terms that K-1st grade children can understand.  Students will Read the Bible, take time to Picture the passage, Ponder its meaning, and Put it into action. That’s what "RP3" is all about. 

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The cost of this SRA Conference is Free.  However, donations are collected and given to churches for Religious Emblem scholarships. Donations made will be given to the UMC North GA Conference and distributed to Methodist and Catholic churches for God & Country and Catholic Emblem program booklets and awards for youth who complete their program. 

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