Mystery Worshiper Request Form

*First Name
*Last Name
Pastor's Name (If different than contact person listed above)
*Church and City (For example: Faith UMC, Townsville)
Are there any special Sundays coming up that the Mystery Guest should be made aware? Please list them and explain how these worship services will be different. (While every effort is made to attend during “regular” Sundays, sometimes schedules require a visit on dates other than requested.)
What service would you prefer a Mystery Guest to attend? Please list the time and style of the service
Are there areas you would like the Mystery Guest to focus on? List all. (For example: Children's Ministry, navigating the building)
Are there other specific questions you would like the Mystery Guest to ask? List all.
What impressions would you like the Mystery Guest to comment on? For example: What is your impression of the check-in procedure for the children's area? Would you feel confident leaving your child in the nursery?
Any general suggestions for the Mystery Guest?
Give us a brief summary of procedures now in place to reach those outside the church.
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