Grant Application for one of the following grants:  Connectional Ministries Grant or GAP Grant

*Church Name and City or Organization applying for the grant:

Church Name and city or Organization applying for a grant.

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*Contact's First Name:
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(Please note that the check will not be made payable to an individual.)

*For which Grant are you applying?
Connectional Ministries Grant
GAP Grant
*How much money are you requesting?
*Describe your group's mission, membership and connection to the North Georgia Conference:
*Describe the goals of your group's project in detail, including how it will involve laity and clergy:
Does this initiative support one or more of General Conference 4 Focus Areas: (1) Ministry with the Poor, (2) Improving Global Health, (3) Develop Principled Christian Leaders, or (4) Create New & Renewed Congregations? If so, please explain:
How will this grant help you in meeting or exceeding your Vital Congregations' Goals?

(For Local Churches only:  Please include the specific goals and the Vital Signs on which you are focusing (i.e., Worship Attendance, Professions of Faith, Baptisms)

*How will this project equip the local church to be effective in fulfilling its mission and witness in the community and world?
*In what ways is this project new and innovative?
*Have you collaborated with other congregations and/or community partners?
*What other revenue sources are anticipated (including dollar amounts) for this project?
*Please describe the timeline for implementation and how this ministry will become self-sustaining over time:

Please email a detailed buget of this ministry to Pam Higgins (  Applications will not be submitted for consideration until the budget has been received.


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