Application for Serving on CCYM

*First Name
*Last Name
*Church where you are a member

A member of the CCYM should be a member of a United Methodist Church in the North Georgia Conference

*Best phone number to reach you

Also tell us if this is your home number or your own personal cell number.

*In a few words, why do you want to serve on the CCYM?
*In your own words, how do you understand the term "servant leadership?"
*Have you served in a leadership position for any kind of organization before?
If "yes," please tell us what kind of leadership you offered and what it was for...

Tell us the name of the organization or event and what you did.

*Are you able to attend the CCYM Retreat at Glisson (August 12-13)?

Make sure you also register for this retreat at the registration site.

*Please tell us the name of your senior pastor and the phone number of your church

We will be contacting your pastor for a recommendation

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