One Man-One Dollar Campaign

We are simplifying our fundraising campaign that began in December 2019.  The campaign theme is One Man-On Dollar and every man in every church in the conference is asked to contribute $1 to the mission of the UMM Conference. 

These funds will be used for:

Leadership training and education                         International and Domestic Missions

UMCOS - Scouting and Youth Services                  Mobility WorldWide - Atlanta

UMCOR - Disaster Response                                   Amend through Faith 

Communications and Marketing                              Office Services/Travel & Expense/Postage

Spiritual Development                                              Prison Ministries

Commission/Jurisdiction Dues                               Durable Medical Equipment Ministry (FODAC)

Scholarship (ITC, Gammon-Paine)                          Homeless Support

District, Conference, Jurisdiction, dues                 Wellroot Family Services

American Cancer Society                                        St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

One Man-One Dollar Campaign
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